I didn't get to writing my follow-up of part 1 of this series as quickly as I had hoped. My first week working (really) remotely was a very busy week. Busy weeks certainly aren't uncommon but I was surprised by the amount of work I was able to accomplish during that time. The thing that surprised me the most during that first week working from the Cape was how much it resembled working from home as usual. The weather didn't help with making it feel unique. Much of the week was rainy, windy and cool causing me to spend nearly the entire week couped up inside the house which is essentially the same thing I'd have been doing at home.

Part 1 & Part 3 of this series cover starting out working at the Cape & the trip home respectively.

Venturing Out

Late in the week I decided enough was enough and made a point to venture out of the house. I found a small café about fifteen minutes from our cottage called Pie in the Sky that offers free Internet access. Pie in the Sky is a tiny little café in the midst of Woods Hole which is part of the southern end of Falsmouth. Much of the area is home to an aquatics research center & institute. Parking is at a premium and was the first obstacle to overcome. I didn't have any change so it was a risky dance to order food, get change, and feed the meter while waiting for the food to be ready without losing one of the precious seats I found in the café.

With the harrowing experience of securing parking out of the way I was finally able to settle into getting some work done. Soon after ordering food the café started clearing out so it was fairly easy to setup my spot and get to work. People trickled in and out in waves - sometimes quite a few packed into the tiny place. It was certainly distracting but not too bad. I was able to keep a steady pace of productivity.

My wife and kids were at the local aquarium while I worked and decided to come join me for lunch (which was excellant since I needed the parking meter fed!). We all ate together while I continued to work (albeit a bit slower). After lunch they headed out leaving me to continue working for another hour or two before the meter ran out again. Thankfully the troublesome weather was also a benefit in allowing me to bend the three hour parking limit somewhat. All told, I probably spent four or five hours there before venturing back home.

After lunch another wave of people poured in looking for seating which was once again at a premium. I was the only person at a four seat table so two different couples asked if they could share the table. I, of course, obliged happily allowing them to join me. The first couple was quiet and kept to themselves. The second couple, however, was extremely friendly and excited to talk! We chatted a good deal during the last hour I was there while they ate. The work I was doing was conducive to me continuing on which made the whole ordeal actually pretty productive.


Overall the adventure out to the café was both positive and productive. Getting out of the house was a critical part in turning a potentially disappointing and drab experience working remotely into something very positive and exciting. While I'll be off this week I have another week ahead working from the Cape before we head home. I hope to incorporate more excursions into my schedule to take full advantage of my time here. I'd love to try and work a couple hours in from the beach if the weather cooperates and the temperatures aren't too chilly. We'll see how that goes. Stay tuned!